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Arlington Heights, IL — VFW

Saturday, Dec 8, 2001

show # 20

venue: VFW
Arlington Heights, IL

age: all-ages

review: This was the fourth Arlington Heights Local Showcase, held at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Eight bands were featured: FALLOUT BOY, FOURTH ROTOR, LITTLEMAN COMPLEX, JOHNNY VOMIT, ABEYANCE, DIVISION, MAY REGRET, and BETWEEN STATIONS. I'd say the band of the evening was JOHNNY VOMIT, they've been around since 1986 & Douglas says he remembers seeing them back then! Thanks to Shane of SYNNECROSIS for setting up the show.

Chicago, IL — the Fireside Bowl

Friday, Dec 7, 2001

show # 19

flyer for Chicago, IL — the Fireside Bowl


venue: the Fireside Bowl
2646 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL

time: 6:00 pm
door: $5 age: all-ages

review: Jake's other band, CANADIAN RIFLE, opened the show with some rockin' melodic punk rock. They didn't play "Kiss the Rifle" although I was yelling for it -- damn! Next was CALVARY -- what a kickass band! GANG OF FOUR, WIRE, MISSION OF BURMA, GREY MATTER comparisons could be made, yet this band has a mind of their own, with tightly wound-up songs, all the instruments clear and distinct. After wading through a million pop-punk, emo, & screamo clones, seeing CALVARY was a real treat. They have a 7-song demo out -- get it!! The next band was ZEGOTA (Greensboro, North Carolina). They set up on the floor in front of the stage, saying they felt more comfortable there. Their music reminds me of NEUROSIS, but with some jam session-like, mellower parts, & sparse, mostly screamed vocals. In between the songs they gave some pretty long, vaguely political speeches. I came away with the impression that these guys feel very strongly about whatever it is they feel strongly about. We "headlined" (heh) & had a good time playing for the enthusiastic Fireside crowd. Thanks go out to Dave Song of CALVARY for setting up the show.

Chicago, IL — the Crackhouse

Saturday, Nov 24, 2001

show # 18

venue: the Crackhouse
Chicago, IL

age: all-ages

review: We were back at the Crachouse again this past Saturday. This time it was old style raging political hardcore night. Of course it was nowhere near as stuffed with people as Halloween, but a respectable amount of people turned up. Opening the show was a band which I thought was PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES, but actually turned out to be Chris of PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES plus some other folks. We played next; interestingly enough although we drove away some guys, all the girls in the audience stayed to watch us. Maybe we're chick magnets (snork)! Next was STILLBORN, followed by HUMAN ORDER. Hmm, maybe it's 'cause I'm "old", but old-skool HC makes me feel warm & nostalgic sometimes. Anyway, another great basement show. Thanks to Chris for having us back again.

Chicago, IL — the Crackhouse

Friday, Oct 26, 2001

show # 17

venue: the Crackhouse
Chicago, IL

age: all-ages

review: This was a very well-attended costume party/show put on as a benefit for Guerrilla Love Radio & Red Line Radio. The first band to play in the crowded & smoky basement was the tongue-twisterly named UMANAMION, featuring a standup bass, flute, & sax. They proceeded to randomly emit noise, I couldn't tell if they were performing or still just warming up...maybe that was the idea. Next was THE MANHANDLERS ('77 style punk) followed by energetic rapper guy PUGSLEE ATOMZ. We Rotors were next, causing some of the audience to flee in distress, but I think those who stayed really dug us. Last was hip hop band ORGANIC MIND UNIT, pretty groovable & tasty. It was so crowded you could barely walk, and we even ran into some folks we knew back in the old days of Underdog Records. Thanx to radio guys Chris & Ed for having us!

Chicago, IL — McGaw Hall, DePaul University

Friday, Oct 5, 2001

show # 16

flyer for Chicago, IL — McGaw Hall, DePaul University


venue: McGaw Hall, DePaul University
802 W. Belden
Room 115
Chicago, IL

time: 6:30 pm
door: $5 age: all-ages

review: This show was great, and more than made up for the poopy one last week. The venue was a classroom in the basement of a building on the DePaul University campus. We loaded in our stuff, amid jokes about "Intro to Punk Rock 101". Plenty of kids showed up & crowded into the classroom. The first band was KNOCKOUT, they played what seemed like about 18 or 20 blazingly unoriginal pop-punk songs. We were next, we played our new song & it went over well (I think). I'm never sure whether people stay and watch us because they actually dig us, or if it's more of a "deer caught in the headlights of weird scary band" phenomenon. JOHN BROWN BATTERY played next, delivering some energetic & emotion-drenched tunes a la HOT WATER MUSIC. Headlining the gig were rock stars THE HONOR SYSTEM, totally great as usual. Ryan Durkin of HE WHO CORRUPTS (& a million other bands) put on the show, thanx Ryan!

Chicago, IL — the Gallery Cabaret

Friday, Sep 28, 2001

show # 15

flyer for Chicago, IL — the Gallery Cabaret


venue: the Gallery Cabaret
2020 N. Oakley
Chicago, IL

time: 9:00 pm
door: $5 age: 21+

review: Hmmm... this wasn't our worst show ever, but it wasn't a very good one either. The club has a pretty crappy sound system & not a lot of people were there. We played our new song for the first time, & kinda screwed it up. Well, at least there was beer (and pictures of naked people on the walls)! Thanks to THE GEEZERS (featuring new bass player Chris) for playing with us & thanks to the people who did show up, we appreciate it!

Chicago, IL — the Fireside Bowl

Wednesday, Sep 19, 2001

show # 14


venue: the Fireside Bowl
Chicago, IL

time: 6:00 pm
door: $6 age: all-ages

review: This was a great show because of the variety; all four bands had completely different sounds. We (the weird band) played first. Justin #2 (Van Halen) describes us this way: "If math had a sound, this would be it." Paul says we're "angular & dynamic". The next band was THE APPLICATORS from Austin TX, a retro-punk band a la SLITS, RUNAWAYS, AVENGERS, with song titles like "Puke on You", plus a RAMONES cover. Next was THE GHOST (from Berkeley CA) with a more serious, emotional-hardcore sound with some tinges of rock thrown in. The final act was the catchy & hyper-energetic SCARED OF CHAKA doing their rock-n-roll thing. Douglas sez they remind him a bit of THE JAM. Anyway, they're fun & it was great to play with them again. It was a good time at the ol' Fireside Bowl. Thanks a bunch to Justin for taking pictures & helping us move our gear, you are great!

Moline, IL — Peabody's

Sunday, Sep 9, 2001

show # 13


venue: Peabody's
Moline, IL

time: 6:00 pm
age: all-ages

Sioux City, IA — Club Riviera

Saturday, Sep 8, 2001

show # 12

flyer for Sioux City, IA — Club Riviera


venue: Club Riviera
714 4th St
Sioux City, IA

time: 3:30 pm
door: $5 age: all-ages

review: This was a horrible show. It took place in (a) the afternoon, (b) inside a huge, empty, cavernous theater place (c) on the FLOOR in front of a huge stage set up for some cover bands reunion that night. Not that we mind floors, but the PA, what there was of it, was BEHIND us, pointing UP. Everything that went into the mics we could'nt hear until a few seconds later as echoes. It was a joke, because no one was there. We laughed, go through it, and then found some nice people and hung out that night and had a good time. Our venue, the Club Riviera, was a huge, cavernous movie theater in downtown Sioux City. We showed up & there was almost no one there. A few people started trickling in eventually. Turns out our show had to be over by 8 pm, because there was a late show with a local rock band, AFTERSHOK (their big claim to fame is they once opened for QUIET RIOT). We found AFTERSHOK's set list & had a good laugh, it was all cover songs, DEEP PURPLE, GUNS & ROSES and the like. Anyway, FOURTH QUARTER JINX played first (to like 5 or 6 kids), then it was our turn. This was definitely our worst performance ever, the sound was absolutely horrible & we couldn't hear ourselves. THE HONOR SYSTEM did their best, but this was clearly not a good show. Locals STRENGTH OF ANNAN showed up but had misplaced their bass player, or something. Promoter James was a nice guy, it was just that this venue was not a good choice for an intimate punk rock gig, plus matinee shows with unknown out-of-town bands usually guarantee low turnout. However, it wasn't a total bummer, becausen we did get together with some guys who had been at the show (Matt & Mike of local band, BRIGHTON) who were cool & invited us back to their house for a party. Much beer was consumed, we watched "Dumb & Dumber", & a good time was had by all.

Cedar Falls, IA — Oster Regent Theater

Friday, Sep 7, 2001

show # 11


venue: Oster Regent Theater
Cedar Falls, IA

time: 6:00 pm
door: $5 age: all-ages

review: We pulled into town ridiculously early and found that the place we were playing at was really nice. It was an old brick theater & the show was in a big room on the third floor, you could look out the windows & see trains going by. Turns out that both ROCKS AND ROOFTOPS (Marshalltown, IA) and area band TOWNCRYER couldn't make it. So it was just us and THE HONOR SYSTEM. Promoters Rob & CJ pushed back the showtime until later, we were kinda worried that the kids would all leave but they didn't. Finally the show started, there were a lot of really young kids in the crowd & they seemed to be really enthusiastic & appreciative. Douglas talked a bit about stuff like why it's important to go see bands play live shows, & why we view playing "small" shows as an end in itself, not a stepping stone towards fame & "getting signed". THE HONOR SYSTEM played & were great. There were a couple of kids at the show who had been at the Marshalltown IA show the previous weekend. After the show we all went to a party & drank some beers. Thanks Rob & CJ for putting on the show, & thanks also to Jeremy Sage for putting us up!.

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