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Chicago, IL — Ida Noyes Hall

Friday, May 24, 2002

show # 30

venue: Ida Noyes Hall
1212 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637-1604

age: all-ages

review: - on the U. of Chicago campus (between Woodlawn & Kimbark) with BRIDE OF NO NO and THE MUSHUGANAS, 7 pm - We played first. This was sort of a drag. Ida Noyes is a very fancy building on the U of C campus, and the room we were in was a big empty echo chamber. However, all the bands played valiantly, if only to each other, and that was that.

Chicago, IL — Women in the Director's Chair

Friday, May 17, 2002

show # 29

venue: Women in the Director's Chair
941 W. Lawrence Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640-4214

age: all-ages

review: This was another benefit for the Chicago Women's Health Center. The show took place in a big loft on the 5th floor at Women in the Director's Chair, 941 W. Lawrence Ave., (east of the Lawrence Red Line train stop). A lot of people showed up, but for us, this one was a disaster. Besides the crummy PA and echo-chamber effect of the room, Kammy had serious bass drum pedal malfunctions that forced to stop after only a few songs.

Chicago, IL — The A-Zone

Saturday, Apr 20, 2002

show # 28

venue: The A-Zone
Chicago, IL

age: all-ages

review: Thousands of Polish kids milled around on Milwaukee Avenue after some sort of techno party called "Kazik" ended at the Congress Theater. Meanwhile, next door at the A-Zone, the Chicago Women's Health Center benefit was underway. We missed the movie "Jane" but got there just in time for THE MASCOTS, a funny, garagey punk band that covered "Dirty Deeds". (They were actually at my house a little while ago, having some mastering work done by Douglas, and they brought this screamingly hilarious video of a pouty televangelist guy: "If you want to learn something about the Bible, you should shut up and listen to me!") Next was THE RED LIGHTS, which was two girls with guitar & drums. ENVIRONMENTAL ENCROACHMENT (or "EE") were a bunch of wackily dressed folks with various instruments who did kind of a hippie jam thing. We were next, and the final act was GROOVE OVA, an all-women drumming group. They wore these little aprons that had embroidered uterus & fallopian tubes on them--well now I've seen everything! Well, there were about maybe fifty people there and at the end of the night, $400 had been raised, and it all goes to the Chicago Women's Health Center. The A-Zone is planning to have one benefit show per month, so go check 'em out, it's for a good cause.

St. Louis, MO — 2 Keys House

Saturday, Mar 2, 2002

show # 27

venue: 2 Keys House
St. Louis, MO

age: all-ages

review: The giant blizzard that was supposed to happen while we were in Urbana, instead happened while we were all on the road to St. Louis. However, we all made it there in one piece. The 2 Keys House is a brick dwelling on a cul-de-sac in a residential neighborhood of St. Louis. Shows happen here on a regular basis, and the kids that live here definitely have their shit together. They actually ran out to buy salt for the front steps so we wouldn't all slip and kill ourselves, they went out to brush the snow off the street signs so people wouldn't miss the turn, and they organized the delivery of a giant pizza. Oh yeah, and they have huge aquariums in the living room that are full of piranhas. The basement is pretty big and held a lot of kids, probably over 60. CALVARY played first & totally rocked out. The kids were all into it and it was a good energy feeling. We were next, I can't remember which song it was but right after we finished it, some kid in the back yelled, "Holy shit!" in total admiration, it was pretty funny & made us all feel great. We blew up the PA--the kids were ready with a backup! The highly metal KUNGFU RICK were the headliners, those guys are pretty brutal & they have a devoted following of fans who all showed up & I guess they were twirling swords around (!?) Oh did I mention that the kids of the house made a huge cauldron of hot chocolate? Thanx you kids, & I feel bad that I can't remember all your names, and thanks to CALVARY for hooking us up with the shows this weekend. Mega thanks also to Connor & Judy for putting us up at their swell pad.

Urbana, IL — 713 W.Springfield

Friday, Mar 1, 2002

show # 26

venue: 713 W.Springfield
713 W.Springfield
Urbana, IL 61801-3110

age: all-ages

review: Our pals CALVARY invited us to go out of town with them for a weekend & this was the first show. Before the show, Dan (the guy whose house it was) made us some awesome vittles -- noodles with Thai peanut sauce. The basement where we played had a very low ceiling; Doug had to stick his head between the rafters a bit. The first band were locals HUMPTY DUMPSTER, a pretty straight ahead slightly retro sounding punk band. Normally they have a female singer but she was absent for the show. In addition to their punk stuff they also played some songs which I guess were newer stuff (more indie-rock sounding), which made for a bit of a schizophrenic set. We played next, then CALVARY, who in case I didn't mention it before, are fucking great! If you like the "DC sound" you will probably like them (Douglas says they sound like that band RITES OF SPRING that featured Guy of FUGAZI). Anyway go to the Council Records website and get mp3s & listen for yourself. ...Well, it was a pretty sparsely attended show, but ironically after it was over, huge 40-oz beers appeared and party people began to arrive. I don't remember too much else...I think there was a strip club involved....

Chicago, IL — Fireside Bowl

Saturday, Feb 16, 2002

show # 25

flyer for Chicago, IL — Fireside Bowl


venue: Fireside Bowl
2646 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL

time: 6:00 pm
age: all-ages

review: It was one of those disconnected shows -- there were a lot of people there but the energy was kinda low. (Maybe 'cause the real event of the evening was the late show with BITCH AND ANIMAL). Somebody turned all the lights off, but that didn't help. We played first, and, uncharacteristically, emitted all our songs in sequence, without yelling at the kids or telling them they were wrong. Then we all went in the bar and inhaled beer. The next band was MUCHACHA, who have been around Chicago quite a while, but I'd never seen them before. Power-pop-punk with loud guitars, fast drums, the usual, plus a cover of "Alternative Ulster". Headliners BLACK CAT MUSIC are from the Bay Area & seem like punk rockers that are now grown up and have moved over to lost-on-the-highway rock'n'roll ("creepy, avant garde rock & roll" says their website -- a good description).

Iowa City, IA — Theta Beta Potata

Saturday, Feb 9, 2002

show # 24

venue: Theta Beta Potata
Iowa City, IA

age: all-ages

review: After we had an extensive conversation regarding potatoes on the drive to Iowa, we got there and found out that the name of the place we were playing was Theta Beta Potata. This is a great punk house that has been having shows for a while (according to their website, 187 bands have played there since August 2000!) After a trip to the beer store, the show began. It was one of those eclectic type shows that I like the best. First up were locals SACCO & VANZETTI, sorta indie-rock with screamy vocals. Next was DRIVER OF THE YEAR, (Quad Cities) a keyboardy retro-type rock/pop band with shades of YES & THE CURE. We played next, creating "off-time angular madness, think FUGAZI and WIRE" (the description is from the Potata website). The headliners were METH AND GOATS, a great hardcore/art/noise/rock band, sorta JESUS LIZARD-y, that knows how to party! After the show there was another three story building party fulla kids, then we crashed, then had potatoes for breakfast the next day. Thanks a bundle to the Potata house, especially Dan Faultlines, for having us!

Chicago, IL — Prodigal Son Bar

Saturday, Jan 26, 2002

show # 23

venue: Prodigal Son Bar
Chicago, IL

age: all-ages

review: This was our first time at the Prodigal Son Bar, a Lincoln Park establishment that's been having a bunch of shows recently. There's a bar in front & a mid-sized room in back where the stage is. The first band was AN AUTOMOTIVE (one of those weird, grammatically incomplete band names) which has some ex-members of NYMB, I believe. They had two keyboard players. Next was BEELINE (which I think has ex-SIDEKICK KATO members), it was their first show. These two bands seemed rather similar in style--long songs, mid- or slower tempos, dreamy melodies, some parts that gradually build towards rocking--although AN AUTOMOTIVE had more singing & more textury bits. Though they were excellent musicians, neither band was really my cup of tea. It's not that I don't like mellow music, but this seemed a bit "lite". We were last, I don't think we really floated most of the audience's boat either (although we did have a few enthusiastic folks up front). Probably the large distance between our style of music and those of the previous bands. An interesting show anyway, with a moderate crowd of people, plus the place has some really good beers! Thanks Brian P, and all our buddies who came out for the show.

Chicago, IL — Fireside Bowl

Friday, Jan 4, 2002

show # 22

flyer for Chicago, IL — Fireside Bowl


venue: Fireside Bowl
2646 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL

time: 7:00 pm
age: all-ages

review: Well, it's official, we've taken up residence at the Fireside Bowl...This time we were lucky to play with the great DEAD STEELMILL, who have been around almost 20 years and are still punk as fuck! With songs like "Just Got Laid Off", "It's All Over", "You'll Never Make It", they are the embodiment of working class punk. TREASON BROTHERS also played (it was our second show with them), then FAULTLINES an emotional rock/post-hardcore outfit from Iowa City IA. We were last & opened with a blues cover tune "Look What All You Got". Thanks Brian Peterson for continuing to let us emit sound at the Bowl, & thanks to all our friends for showing up.

Chicago, IL — Phyllis' Musical Inn

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2001

show # 21

flyer for Chicago, IL — Phyllis' Musical Inn


venue: Phyllis' Musical Inn
1800 W. Division
Chicago, IL

time: 10:00 pm
door: $3 age: 21+

review: Phyllis' is like the worst bar ever, but this show was actually pretty fun & a bunch of people showed up. Playing their debut show, the TREASON BROTHERS (members of TREPAN NATION & THE STRIKE) sounded like veteran punk rockers goin' down the country lane. They have songs about hearts that are broke & black ice hitting the road. THE ITCH (members of THE STRIKE) was a straight-ahead punk influenced rock band. They did a MISSION OF BURMA cover tune (hmm, MISSION OF BURMA has come up twice in 2 weeks). We played most of our songs (6 of them, that is), then had technical problemos & had to stop. Thanks go out to the TREASON BROTHERS for inviting us!

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