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May 9, 2004

We just got back from tour today. It was a total success: we made it without missing a show, breaking down, losing anything breaking anything, having anything stolen, etc. We'll write up show reviews for each show in the next few days, and post some pix and videos too. But to get to the point, THANKS for everyone who helped us out, came out to see us, and made this thing a great fucking time. HUGE thanks to roadies Augie and Liam for helping on gear, merch, and foul, dark humor.

Fuck off christian "punk"

May 3, 2004

We're in Portland, OR right now, and just played the second of our two scheduled shows there. Great times, great people, thanks so much! Yesterday, as we were talking to people about how our tour is going, the fact that we had a day off today (Monday) came up. Someone gave us a tip that there was an all-ages showing going on tonight that we could "jump on". We'd rather play than sit around, so we started telling people we were playing. At the end of our show last night, we were announcing the show we'd jumped on, and a few people approached us to give us some more info about the club/space, the "Meow Meow". Turns out, its an evangelical, born-again, push Jesus down your throat run venue. We heard that they may or may not have any Jesus crap "out" at the show, but their profit supports their efforts, including sponsoring a christian "punk" Sunday service, etc. Our stomachs turned on hearing this, and we quickly let it be known that there was no fucking way FOURTH ROTOR was going to play in a christian "punk" associated venue...... Although the other bands that are playing aren't christian, the fact that they're playing there sends the message that they either (a) support what the venue is about: luring young kids into associating "punk" with fundemental christianity, or (b) don't care that there event is being used that way. Not only are we opposed to that shit as a band, but that sort of hypocritical conformist crap is a scourge that threatens underground/alternative/d.i.y. scenes everywhere. So , let it be known: fuck you fundementalist christians -- get the fuck OUT of the underground.

Thanks SF Bay area...

April 30, 2004

We made it to the end of our SF bay area part of the tour. Despite last minute changes and some confusions, did 4 shows in 5 days. THANKS out the wazoo to all our cool friends who took care of us and supported us out here; it made the difference. We're off to Chico, CA tonight, then up the rest of the west coast to Seattle. We've been selling more CDs than normal (what's going on here?), and the LPs are a bigger hit than we'd figured too. We even ran into our good friend & Chicagoan Brad Winkler out here at Aomeba Records in SF yesterday. Cool.

Chillin' in the Bay Area

April 26, 2004

Well, our youth hostel show with SHOTWELL & THIS IS MY FIST did not happen, instead we played at Kimo's with SAD MONSTERS and 1 other band. Today there was supposed to be a house show, but it also seems to have fallen through, so we're just hanging out. Hi.

Tour changes, SF Bay area shuffle

April 26, 2004

We've made it to the SF Bay area, and weirdness and schedule changes abound. First, one of our most looked-forward-to shows, the Youth Hostel show on Sunday with SHOTWELL and THIS IS MY FIST was a) canceled at the last minute, b) personal problems with FIST led to their breaking up (?) or whatever. We got added at the last minute to a show at Kimo's, a bar in SF. It went pretty well, if scantilly attended. Today, the "show at Sweet Tooth's house" became a non-entity. Sweet Tooth apparently can't/couldn't make up his mind whether or not to have the show he'd booked, and as of 5:30 pm today, the day of the show, still no word. So, guess it's off. However, with the help of some friends, we got added to an all-ages show for Tues 27th at Mills college, Oakland CA. Whoo-hooo. Thanks! Lot's of good people here, and we're glad to hook up again with bay area folks. P.S. - We're now sitting here, drinking beer in the van killing a few days.

San Diego Rocked

April 21, 2004

Our gig at the Rosary Room went as well as could be expected, considering it was a Wednesday night show at a place that usually doesn't have shows on Wednesday nights. The two local bands, MACHINE'S AGENDA and THE ATTACKS brought a few people out, and rocked hard, and thanks to Cory for putting it together for us. A good time was had by all.

Vacation's over

April 20, 2004

After two shows, then two days off in Arizona where we went to the Grand Canyon, visited grandmas, aunts & sisters in Phoenix, we're back "on" for shows. San Diego's next.

Tour's on...

April 17, 2004

We're in Denver, CO right now, just about to play our first show of tour. Photos and updates to follow.

12" Vinyl LP of "Seize"

April 12, 2004

We got them in time for tour. Thanks Matt! They look & sounds great, and we'll have them on tour.

Vinyl release of "Seize" April 12th

April 8, 2004

We just got word that our long awaited 12" vinyl LP release of last years' "Seize" CD is arriving on April 12th. Although not in time for our last Chicago show before tour (April 10th), we'll have it on the road when we head out west Aril 16th - May 8th. It will available for ordering here, as well as from Council Records.



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