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2842 N. Springfield Ave., Chicago, IL 60618-7218, U.S.A.

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FR in Ottawa, ON. Photo by Shawn Scallen

Douglas, Jacob, Kammy

Propaganda / blurb

The following is the text from a flyer we have available at our shows, withour lyrics available as well.

Punk/D.i.Y./underground — a style, or a call to action? Today we're almost drowned in a sea of laziness, apathy, and boring acceptance of the status quo, in culture and politics. When bands treat playing music as a sport, an ego inflating attention grab, or even stupider, as their "shot" to music industry stardom, they've taken a subculture and turned it into a fashion. When kids walk around wearing the trappings of yesterday's punk and hardcore radicalism, worshipping it as a hallowed tradition, and pick a single narrow subgenre of music as their only source of sounds and ideas, they're truly lost in a sea of consumerism and hero worship. That needs to be fucked up! Fourth Rotor challenges ourselves to create music that really means something and doesn't follow a pre-defined style or genre. We believe in communicating with people, and doing our part to help build and sustain a true underground scene, one that doesn't need validation from the mainstream. And playing kickass live shows.

Three dedicated longtime D.i.Y. punks started FOURTH ROTOR in the autumn of 2000. Jacob Levee, bass, came from his previous bands RUSTWEILER and AMBITION MISSION, as well as running the Community Showers loft D.i.Y. show venue. Douglas Ward guitar, came from bands I.D. UNDER, 8 BARK, V.REVERSE. Kammy Lee, drums, came from the SPACE INVADERS, and AMBITION MISSION too. We were all involved with Chicago's D.i.Y. collective Underdog Records/Underdog Zine that put out many Chicago compilations and releases from 1986–1996, and helped put out the second annual Book Your Own Fuckin' Life D.i.Y. booking list with Maximumrocknroll in 1995.

Even though we're all long time "veterans" of the underground punk scene, we still are striving for the same thing that inspired us to get into it in the first place: anger, frustration, energy, self-expression, and challenging traditions. Where others have long since given up on the core, we've rejected the "punk rock music business" path, and keep heading into the basement looking for that magic, fantastic show.

We've released one full-length CD "Seize" on our own label, Electric Noise, in 2003, which was followed up with the release of an LP version in 2004 on Chicago's Council Records. We released our second full-length CD "Plain" on Chicago's Underground Communiqué Records and the LP on Chicago's Southkore Records. We've been on seven major tours throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

We have no managers, booking agents, or publicists; only friends and the community to help us out.

Why are you in a band?

Communication. Music. We want to commincate our ideas, and learn other people's ideas about how to challenge, change, rip-up, and make new and better music, words, and overall, communities. Also, the basic: we enjoy playing music, and have something to say. Music is our way of expressing ourselves; it's our recreational passion. It allows us to participate in underground music and social scenes, and meet and communicate with creative, interesting people who, like us, don't settle for the mainstream ways of doing things.

Are you guys signed to a record label? Do you want to be?

That depends on what you call "being on a label". Here's what we've done so far: We have released a CD on our own label, "Electric Noise", so essentially, we put out our own CD. Later, our friend Matt of Council Records released an LP version. For our second record, "Plain", the CD was released on Underground Communiqué Records and the LP on Southkore Records.

Although these labels put our stuff out, it's just friends, and a handshake. We're not "signed" at all. Most people think of being signed to a label as being a step on a music industry career path, towards getting popular and famous. All major record labels, and most minor ones, are in the business of selling records. We're not in business. We don't care about selling records or becoming popular. We make music for it's own sake, business isn't part of it. Sure, we make records, and make them available, but the difference is that you come to us if you want them — we dont go around trying to convince people to buy them. See (Why are you in a band?)

Why do you post ALL your recordings for free on your website?

Too often a bands seem to exist to "sell product". As in, "Hi, thanks for coming tonight... we're going to play some songs off our NEW CD in hopes that you'll be convinced to BUY OUR NEW CD... so here we go...". Bleh. We'd rahter have our recordings be "souvenirs" of seeing Fourth Rotor play. As in, "Wow, I saw you play and I really liked you, do you have a recording I could get?". Yeah, that's it. We feel no one NEEDS to own our recordings, but of you want it, you can get it. Our "job" isn't to try and convince people they have to buy our stuff.

So, that said, we put our songs online for free because we want to let interested people hear our music. We have no problem giving away recordings of our songs for free, because we're not trying to make money from them. Although we charge money for our CDs, it's to help cover the costs of recording and manufacturing them, and we charge admission to our shows, so that we can pay for gas and some food. By posting mp3s on our site of all our recordings, we're inviting people to listen to our music and enjoy it.

Aren't you afraid people will "steal" your music by burning their own CDs from your mp3s?

Nope. Go ahead. If you like our band enough to go to that kind of trouble, odds are you'll share our music with your friends, and/or support us by coming to see us play. If you don't like our band enough to come see us, then what do we care if you go around listening to our songs?

What other bands were you in?


  • Canadian Rifle
  • Ambition Mission
  • Rustweiler



  • Ambition Mission
  • The Space Invaders

What's that logo thing? A gear? What's "IV" ?

logoIt's not a gear, its a rotor. And, that's not the letter "I" and the letter "V"... er... well, it is, but DUH, it's ROMAN NUMERAL 4.



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